My Name is Liliane Vianna da Cunha Garrido,I am 32 years old.

In September 2010, during my honey-moon, I got into a serious car accident, that caused severe damage to my spine. I am now a quadriplegic, that is, I have lost total function in all four limbs. Since then my husband and I have been, not without struggle, fighting for my recovery.

Today, with the help of a software, which is controlled by voice*, I spend my time searching through the web, for treatments that have succeded in showing improvements in the lives of quadriplegic patients. During my research I came accross a study that was being conducted by Dr. Carlos Lima ( Lisbon,1955 - 2012 ) and now is carried on by Dr. Pratas Vital.

The study is based on the use of stem cells of olfactory origin to treat injuries in the spine. Since it started in 2001, at Egas Moniz Hospital, 125 patients have displayed positive results throughout the treatment.

The cost of the treatment in Lisbon,for foreigners is € 35.000. The treatment is then continued in Florence,Italy** at the cost of €2.000/week,not to mention the expenses with accomodation,food and an escort.

My wish is to go through this treatment, but unfortunately I cannot afford it.

I come here to ask for your help. You can do so by donating money, medications or material/equipments that I can use.

Any type of help is welcome, needed and greatly appreciated.

A little change, can change a life.

Thank you and God bless you all.

** Centro Giusti 

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